The Buyers Guide to Collecting the Victor Book for Boys

and Any Other Books 

  1. Decide what sort of collection you want. Do you want an investment or do you just want a collection of all the books in the series no matter what condition they are in? In my view you would not be reading this if you were not interested in books in good condition or better for a collection, but I might be wrong.

  3. If the book is price clipped the books value is decreased. Try and get books where the price has not been cut out. A price clipped book can indicate that the book was given as a present and therefore probably read a lot. So there may be more damage elsewhere in the book.

  5. Be wary of advertisements that describe a book as in very good condition 'except for a ripped spine, or its only got one defaced page etc.' If a book has a damaged spine, ripped pages, or is defaced in any way it IS NOT in good condition let alone very good condition. There are many misleading advertisements all over the internet that are like this.

  7. Likewise be wary of any ads for a 'mint condition'  1964 annual sellng for £25. This is way under the going rate for such a book so be careful.

  9. There is a link below to a book that can come in handy for a pricing guide.

  11. Remember the old saying that if something appears to good to be true it probably is.

  13. Remember, any inscription, price clipping, small tears etc means the book IS NOT in good or better condition no matter what else the advertiser writes or says.


  15. If you can, do a bit of research to see what prices the various books (dates and condition) are selling for before you start bidding in an auction, or you could end up paying well over the going rate.

  17. Make sure you check what the postage and packing costs are - you might find a book going cheap and think you are getting a bargain, only to find the postage and packing costs are way too much.

  19. If you are looking at a book in an online auction, and are serious about entering a bid, wait until the auction is just about to close to enter your bid, bearing in mind that others will be as well. Experience pays off here.

  21. Be careful when you look at the picture of your potential purchase on the description page of an auction site or catalogue - it is possible the picture is just a stock photo and not of the actual book itself. If in doubt ask the seller.

  23. Once you have your book be careful with it. It is only natural that you want to read it ! But please use commonsense. Especially if you just leave it lying around. Remember these are investments.

  • Perhaps you might like to have a look at the below mentioned books that give a much more in depth look at collecting books and comics. I include comics as many readers of this site collect both books and comics.




  • If you can think of any other tips we can share with collectors contact us and we will include the tip here (acknowledging the source naturally).