Frequently Asked Questions For Those Who Collect the Victor Book for Boys

and Other Childrens Annuals


Q. I have not got the time to search for the Victor Books but I need to complete my collection, can you help?

A. Check out our page that shows the individual book covers, click on the year you want.


Q. Can you tell me how much a copy of the Victor Book is worth.

A. No, I need to see it or have an accurate description of its condition or a very good set of photographs.


Q. I have a copy of the first Victor Book in very good condition, how much is it worth ?

A. Copies of the first Victor Book for Boys sell for between £5 and £160. I cannot be more specific as I have not seen the condition of your copy.


Q. I have some Childrens Annuals. Do you want to buy them ?

A. No thankyou. Using Amazon to sell your books might be quicker.


Q. I just bought a rare annual for £60 from a seller that described it as in excellent condition. The inside pages are fine but the spine is ripped and repaired with sellotape. Have I been ripped off ?

A. Yes I am afraid you have been.


Q. Can I keep my book collection in the roof space of my house ?

A. Unless the roof space (attic) has been converted into a normal room I would not. Dampness could be a problem, as could changes in temperature. You do not want the condition of the books to deteriorate. I have personal experience of this and 'lost' a few books after storing them in a cold then hot attic space.


Q. Are charity shops a good place to find annuals?

A. Yes, but the staff at some shops check donated items and put to one side things, including books, that are collectors items. So some shops will only have on display books that are not worth much or in poor condition..