The Victor Book For Boys - Frequently Asked Questions

For Those Who Collect the Victor Book for Boys

    Q. Can you tell me how much a 1971 copy of the Victor Book is worth.
    A. No, I need to see it or have an accurate description of its condition.
    Q. I have a copy of the first Victor Book in very good condition, how much is it worth ?
    A. Copies of the first Victor Book for Boys sell for between £5 and £60. I cannot be more specific as the market at the moment is depressed and I have not seen the state of your copy :)
    Q. I have some Victor Books. Do you want to buy them ?
    A. Not at the moment. Using Amazon to sell your items books might be better.
    Q. I just bought a 1964 Victor Book for £60 from a seller that described it as in excellent condition. The inside pages are fine but the spine is ripped and repaired with sellotape. Have I been ripped off ?
    A. Yes.
    Q. Can I keep my Victor books in the roof space of my house ?
    A. Unless the roof space ( attic ) has been converted into a normal room I would not. Dampness could be a problem, as could changes in temperature. You do not want the condition of the books to deteriorate.