The Victor Book for Boys Cover Images

Cover Images 1964 - 1979

The First Victor Book Cover Images Mainly Portrayed World War 2

The first cover (1964) portrayed the 1942 attack on the dry dock at St Nazaire by commandos. In my view the image is the best of all the cover images.

The 1969 image of three people free fall parachuting breaks the mold of the early years. Why free fall parachuting was depicted I don't know. Display parachuting was in its infancy and was the 'thing' of the day so that's perhaps why.

I started free fall parachuting at Cark in Cartmel in 1974 using a WW2 American canopy and reserve, very similar to the parachute packs shown in the image.

I have a feeling that the 1969 Victor Book may have had an influence on my decision to go into sport parachuting at the age of 17.

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Cover Images 1980 - 1994

The Covers and Contents Evolved Over the Years

The Victor Comic and Book for Boys started out as publications based very much on WW 2. As the years went on and a new generation of children was the target audience, the comic and books started to change and modernise.

You can see this from the cover images quite clearly. I believe this modernisation caused by a change of audience, led to the books demise. Of course it is normal for most things to have a shelf life and the Victor Book for Boys is, or was, no exception.

Bring back Alf Tupper I say.