Collecting the Victor Book for Boys and Childrens Annuals

 The Victor Book Collection 


When I was a young boy I was mad keen on the Victor comic and the Victor annual, better known as the Victor Book for Boys. I used to live for Mondays when the comic came out and wait impatiently for 12 months after Xmas until the next annual came along! My favourite character was Alf Tupper.

The first annual was published in 1964 when I was 8 years old. The last was published 30 years later. I believe that on average there were 200,000 copies sold each year. I cannot be more exact as to the number of copies printed year by year as the publisher will not disclose the figures.

In the early 2000's I decided to start collecting the Victor annual as an investment. I could have bought a complete set of the books at a ridiculously high price but this didn't really appeal to me. So I set out to get the individual books in excellent condition but at a reasonable price. Now, many years down the line I have got every single one of the Victor annuals that were published and all are in excellent condition.

My collection does not include any of the annuals that came to me as a boy - I ruined them by constant reading, throwing them on the floor, and generally abusing them. If I remember correctly my young sister decided to eat pages from one of them, makes a change from the dog.

I spent hours scouring the internet for the annuals and was quite successful there. I spent hours and hours searching charity shops in the UK but only ever found one Victor Book in very good condition - the rest had torn pages, ripped spines, were price clipped, defaced etc - no use to the collector. More on this can be found on the 'Buying Guide' page.

If you want a collection as an investment the books HAVE to be in very good (or better) condition.


My Victor Book Collection Is Now Complete

As my searching is now over I have decided to help those of you out there still looking for that elusive copy in great condition by putting together the best online source of the books here on one website.

A lot of people search online for images of the book covers of the annuals. So on this site I have put all the book cover images.

You also have the ability to check out all the Victor Book for Boys for sale on Amazon without having to search. Just go to the 'Book Sales' page and you will find 2 options.

The first is a link to see a page on Amazon where all the Victor Books they have for sale are displayed. The second, is a link to the book cover images page where you can click on the book cover you are interested and away you go. Now is a great time to invest in a collection, the current state of the economy has caused prices to fall and there are bargains to be had.

If you are not a member of Amazon already, you can sign up as soon as you click through to their site from a link or image. Good luck buying a great book from the past.


Feel free to contact us to ask any questions. Its great to see so many people collecting the excellent Victor Book for Boys and other childrens comics and annuals. I am branching out and collecting some different annuals now. Got to stay young somehow!